Earlier this year Robinson Helicopter Company and Rolls-Royce signed a 10 year agreement to supply 1,000 RR300 engine to power the R66 aircraft.

Since its launch in 2010 the Robinson R66 has been powered by the RR300 gas turbine engines. Rolls-Royce has supplied with more than 800 engines so far to meet the ever increasing demand of the R66 helicopters in the aviation industry
With 275,000 flight hours the RR300 engine has proven itself in the field as a reliable and an economical power plant for the users. There are more than 600 helicopters in the field making use of the RR300 engines.

With an optimised performance to deliver 240-300 SHP, the RR300 was designed as a replacement option for piston engines. The engine has a certified multi-fuel capability and proven turbine engine responsiveness, smoothness and worry-free reliability.

The RR300 engine was developed from the legacy of the trusted Rolls-Royce M250 engine line, which has topped 235 million flight hours from more than 31,000 engines delivered to the marketplace. M250 engines have powered more than 100 aircraft types and about 15,000 are in service around the world in civilian and military use.

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