Once you have obtained your Private Pilot’s License PPL(H), you can then progress your training to obtain a Night Rating

Minimum requirements

An applicant for a night rating must be the holder of a valid pilot’s license.
An applicant for a night rating must have undergone the following training at a CAA approved flight training institution:

5 hours of theoretical knowledge briefings.
A minimum of 10 hours instrument training, of which no more than 5 hours may be flown in an approved flight simulator.
Not less than 5 take offs and landings as the pilot manipulating the controls while under dual instruction.
Not less than 5 circuits and 5 take offs and landings while under dual flight instruction.
A night rating is valid for as long as the pilot’s license is valid.
Finally the pilot will be required to pass a written examination as well as a practical skills test.
Night Rating allows you to exercise the privileges of your PPL at night.

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