Commercial Pilot License Helicopter Training in South Africa is for those who want a career as a helicopter pilot. The minimum South African legal requirement for a CPL is 200 hours of flying. This means you will need to fly an additional 150 hours, over and above the 50 PPL hours already flown. In the 150 additional hours, you may complete 20 hours of instructor patter, which will entitle you to add an instructor’s rating to your CPL.
The Commercial Training Syllabus consists of the same content as the Private License Syllabus, but in order to pass, the exam needs to be flown to a higher standard.
In order to obtain a CPL, you need to meet the following SACAA requirements:

  1. be 18 years or older
  2. obtain a valid aviation medical certificate
  3. have a valid certificate of competence in radiotelephony (General Radio License)
  4. have a valid SPL, or have had one of the following in the last 60 months:
    • a valid South African helicopter Private Pilot License
    • a helicopter pilot license issued by a Contracting State
    • a valid South African Air Force helicopter pilot qualification
    • a valid Student Pilot License
  5. have had flight training according to the air navigation regulations and technical standards
  6. pass the required theoretical exams
  7. undergo a skills test

Ratings that can be added while collecting the 150 hours are:

  • Night Rating

Enjoy flying!

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