Robinson – R44 Raven I Helicopter

The economical R44 Raven I is powered by a Lycoming O-540 carbureted engine. The Raven I features carburetor heat assist that enhances safety by adding carburetor heat when the collective is lowered and reducing carburetor heat when the collective is raised.

A lightweight airframe and aerodynamic fuselage optimize airspeed and fuel economy. The helicopters’ lotail-rotor tip speed, heavy-duty muffler, and large cambered tail reduce flyover noise. R44 helicopters feature the latest in Robinson technology including lighter weight landing gear, streamlined instrument panels, and bladder fuel tanks.

  • Two-bladed rotor system
  • Aluminum and stainless steel construction
  • Hydraulic power controls eliminate stick shake and feedback forces
  • Automatic clutch engagement simplifies the starting procedure
  • Center positioned T-bar cyclic for comfortable grip position
  • Removable left side flight controls
  • Conveniently integrated transmit, intercom and memory channel radio
  • Voice-activated intercom
  • RPM governor monitors engine speed and adjusts throttle
  • Rotor brake reduces shut down time and risk of injury
  • LED anti-collision and navigation lights
  • Storage under each seat for personal belongings
  • 6-hole instrument panel
  • Garmin GTR 225B COM radio with 8.33 kHz channel spacing
  • Garmin GTX 327 Mode C transponder
  • Aspen Avionics primary and multifunction flight display systems
  • Garmin GTN 600/700 series touch screen navigators install in pilot-side console
  • Garmin GMA 350H audio panel
  • Garmin GTX 330ES (Extended Squitter) Mode S transponder with ADS-B Out
  • Garmin GDL 88 UAT (Universal Access Transceiver) with dual-band ADS-B In
  • Hydraulic power controls
  • RPM throttle governor
  • Throttle correlator
  • Carburetor heat assist *
  • Main and auxiliary bladder
  • Fuel tanks
  • Oil filter & oil quick drain
  • Cabin heater and defogger
  • Carbon monoxide detector
  • Dual landing lights *
  • Dual HID landing lights **
  • LED panel and map lights
  • Belly hardpoint
  • Tocart adapter
  • Ground handling wheels
  • Rotor blade tie downs
  • Windshield cover
  • Travel bag
  • Floor & hand intercom switches
  • Avionics master switch
  • Tinted windows
  • Fabric velour seats
  • 3-point shoulder harnesses
  • Pilot-side adjustable pedals/li>
  • Door locks
  • Muffler and soundproofing
  • Underseat storage

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